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Edited by La Cobalta in Barcelona, 2021.

Balearics is a monographic book that collects and studies traditional folkloric expressions of the Balearic Islands. Arts, gastronomy, architecture, costumes and tradition with a common root: the Mediterranean Sea.

With a great number of collaborators and involving the real agents in the tradition, la Cobalta offers a new imaginary that looks to the root and to the future at the same time.

Set of four Semi-hardcover books. 632 pages.

Measurements: 32 x 20 x 8.5 cm

Content in the book in English, Spanish and Catalan

In collaboration with: Adrià Cañameras, Alba Yruela, Balthazar Klarwein, Nacho Alegre, Wai Lin Tse, Adrián Catalán, Ana Mirats Studio, Marria Pratts, Carlos Castillo, Laura Ayén, Gabriel Escámez.
Francesc Vallcaneras, historian and connoisseur of the culture of the islands, expert in customs, traditions, music and dance of the Balearic Islands and especially of Mallorca. Pere Salas, historian of Pollença and the festivities of Sant Joan Pelós and las Águilas. Joan Socies Fiol and Gabriel Mayol Arbona, historians of the Cossiers de Montuïri. Xisco Bergas, historian of the Fiesta de La Beata and Damià Bosch, expert in Menorcan clothing. Pilar Vinent Barceló, linguistic consultancy in Consell Insular de Menorca.  Junta Directiva de la Federació de Colles de Ball i Cultura Popular d’Eivissa. Pep Escandell Verdera, presidente del Grup de Ball “Es Pastorells”. Rita Costa Ferrer, escritora de recetas tradicionales de Formentera.